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Your Human Design chart isĀ the map of your differentiated potential.Ā  Ā 

Understanding your chart and experimenting with your unique intelligence

offers you an unfair advantage so that

you can access your creative, career, business, andĀ conciousness potential.Ā 

Hello! I'm Nina!


I'm a 5/1 Manifestor on the cross of Informing. I have been doing Human Design Readings since 2018 and training HD practitioners since 2020.Ā 

Every session is different!

And this is the whole point of the Human Design system as THE art and science of differentiation.

I meet you where you are in your Human Design journey and we built upon that.

My sessions can go deep depending on your previous engagement with the system. Typically HD readings are offered in different levels: foundational, advanced, or specialized topics. However, I meet you where you are in your journey and we go deeper into the practical applications of your design.

There are two options available for readingĀ 

Human Design ReadingĀ 

This is a reading and coaching session where we navigate your differentiated intelligence based on your topic of interest: General, career, relationship, high-performance and productivity, and alignment.

Investment: $222 US

yes Nina! Let's do this!

Human Design Reading for business

This isĀ delivered inĀ  two coaching and reading sessions. This is the best option if you are aĀ coach, a healer, a service provider, or a creative entrepreneur. We dive deeper into your business model, purpose, content, and self-expression thru the lens of Human Design.Ā 

Investment: $377 US

yay! Let's get started!

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